Track, dash, stroke

開廊:土曜日 12:00〜18:00

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アンドレ・ピゲ、マグナス・フレデリック・クラウゼン、室井悠輔、西村有によるグループ展「Track, dash, stroke」をクリストファー・LG・ヒル、ジョエル・カーカム企画にてご案内します


KAYOKOYUKI Gallery ご協力ありがとうございました。

Translation by Hiroshi Ooka

Track, dash, stroke

Track, dash, stroke

February 25th – March 25th, 2023
Open Saturdays 12pm until 6pm

Goya Curtain presents “Track, dash, stroke”, a group exhibition featuring works by André Piguet, Magnus Frederik Clausen, Yusuke Muroi and Yu Nishimura, organized and strung together by Christopher L G Hill and Joel Kirkham.

Making connections is not always a matter of straight lines. Artists and art spaces around the world tend to act as nodes that connect for various reasons, perhaps friendship or shared peers and subject matter. These connections form conversational pathways that overlap and bring our lives together. We think of ourselves as a network of lines; the lines connecting artists and artworks, galleries and other social spaces, postal routes and internet cables. We think of the railway line as a space of contemplation, a playlist as a sound composition for travel, lines as a scrambled mess or intricate chaos. These lines, faint, straight, curved, thick and thin, dotted, scribbled out and generative, are transformed by time.

Thank you to KAYOKOYUKI Gallery for their cooperation.