Installation View

Liquid Cities - Installation View

ガブリエル・ハートレー+ニック・ゴス - Liquid Cities


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Goya CurtainよりLiquid Citiesをお送りします。本展示は東京を拠点とするアーティストガブリエル・ハートレイとロンドンを拠点とするニック・ゴスによる一日限定の共同展です。


Gabriel Hartley + Nick Goss - Liquid Cities

October 21st, 12 – 7pm

Goya Curtain presents Liquid Cities, a one-day exhibition showcasing collaborative works by Tokyo based Gabriel Hartley and London based Nick Goss.

The works in this series are a manifestation of conversations between the artists that have taken place over the past few years. Hartley and Goss both share an interest in generating a state of impermanence in the way they handle their painting and drawing. This transience is evident in the works and in the dialogue that is engendered by the artists’ collaboration. Goss’ silk screen prints of shop facades, newspaper cuttings and seventeenth century Dutch tile designs slip into dialogue with fluid passages of water-based pigments. Hartley’s collages from Japanese books and cartoons morph into labels for beer bottles which appear to have been dredged from the Thames.

Liquid Cities - Installation View
Liquid Cities - Installation View